A rock that has "Bye Bye Summer" written on it

How to Have an End of Summer Celebration

September is here, which means many people are beginning to decorate and prepare for the fall. But before you rush into fall, isn’t it time to do one last summer hoorah?

A rock with the words "Bye Bye Summer!" written on it

 Before the kids return to school, while there are still warm breezes and longer days, consider doing a summer send-off! What is a summer send-off, you may ask? A summer send-off is exactly that: sending off summer with a celebration!

Having an end-of-summer celebration is a great way to spend time together, and have fun before the colder weather, school, and school activities come.

Below are a few tips to get you started on having an amazing end-of-summer celebration!

Plan Ahead

To ensure that everything runs smoothly, it is best to plan ahead. After all, nothing is worse than going to the store to get ingredients or supplies and finding yourself staring at empty shelves.

Planning as far in advance as possible is also a great way to ensure you can have decorations and entertainment! Many places require advanced notice for booking– so the sooner you book, the better!

Get Decorations and Entertainment

Outdoor decorations are a fantastic way to send off summer! Some top choices are: streamers, lanterns, and of course: balloons!

Balloons are a top choice since they can not only be stand-alone but part of a larger display or set up. They also are eye-catching and indicative of a good time!

Entertainment can range from a speaker playing music to outdoor toys! A great choice for all ages is hiring a face painter! From superheroes to animals, kids and teens alike can choose whatever design they want; we even offer waterproof paint and glitter tattoos!

Whether you have it for just your family or get the whole block involved, getting unique balloon decorations and entertainment is a great way to have a memorable party!

At All Things Balloon, we proudly serve the San Antonio area with dazzling and unique balloon decorations! Not only do we have top-of-the-line decorations, but we also offer services such as: balloon artsinging telegramsballoon selfie frames, and more!

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